Trauma Talks

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The open abdomen in trauma: What you need to know AbdomenAri Leppäniemi Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Quality outcomes and the patient experience OutcomesRebekah Ogilvie Injury 2018 02/08/2018
What is cardiac contusion and what is its relevance? ChestDieter Weber Injury 2018 02/08/2018
What's new in massive transfusion? ResuscitationKerry Gunn Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Is prehospital mortality inevitable? PrehospitalBridget Kool Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Complex hepatic trauma AbdomenAri Leppäniemi Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Is REBOA relevant in Australasia? ChestDieter Weber Injury 2018 02/08/2018
What is the actual financial cost of trauma to the DHB's SystemsChris Harmston Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Monetary cost of trauma to ACC SystemsKarina McHardy Injury 2018 02/08/2018
The effects of trauma on patients and their families ChestRebekah Ogilvie Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Can the Major Trauma Network make a difference? SystemsIan Civil Injury 2018 02/08/2018
How to treat pancreatic injuries AbdomenAri Leppäniemi Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Major traumatic injury in adolescents AdolescentRebekah Ogilvie Injury 2018 02/08/2018
Thoracic trauma – whats new with the ABCs? ThoraxWalt BifflInjury 20173/08/2017
The role of critical care in surgical outcomes Critical CarePat ReillyInjury 20173/08/2017
Current concepts and controversies in rib planting Rib PlatingWalt BifflInjury 20173/08/2017
Optimal pain management in thoracic trauma PainTrevor CoeInjury 20173/08/2017
Hybrids and trauma – are they useful/usable?HybridScott D'AmoursInjury 20173/08/2017
Blunt mediastinal injuries MediastinumChris BleekerInjury 20173/08/2017
The role of REBOA in exsanguinating torso haemorrhage REBOAWalt BifflInjury 20173/08/2017
The role of rehabilitation medicine in acute care RehabilitationSusan BifflInjury 20173/08/2017
TBI rehabilitation in NZ RehabilitationRobin SekerakInjury 20173/08/2017
Challenges in rehabilitation after 65 RehabilitationCynthia BennettInjury 20173/08/2017
GSWs of the abdomen – from bullet to incision GunshotPat ReillyInjury 20173/08/2017
Blood products in trauma – current best practice and likely future innovations TransfusionMichael ReadeInjury 20173/08/2017
Venous thromboembolism after trauma: Should we care?DVTPeggy KnudsonInjury 20164/08/2016
Trauma in the ElderlyGeriatricsTony JosephInjury 20164/08/2016
Surgical palliative care: When is this relevant?PalliativeKaren BraselInjury 20164/08/2016
ATLS and innovations in trauma careSystemsKaren BraselInjury 20164/08/2016
Obesity: The unwritten chapter in trauma careObesitySylvia BoysInjury 20164/08/2016
Code Crimson: What is it and has it made a difference?ResuscitationMark FriedericksenInjury 20164/08/2016
Is rib fracture fixation worthwhile and what about the sternum?ChestKate MartinInjury 20164/08/2016
Blunt carotid injury: How do we screen for it and does it make a difference?VascularLucy ModahlInjury 20164/08/2016
Spinal cord impairment: Have the new triage guidelines made a difference?SpineAlpesh PatelInjury 20164/08/2016
Quality of life after trauma RehabKaren BraselInjury 20164/08/2016
Experiences of caregivers of children who sustained traumatic brain injury in early childhoodRehabBridget KoolInjury 20164/08/2016
Children surviving major trauma: 3 years post-injuryRehabShanthi AmeratungaInjury 20164/08/2016
Top 5 trauma papers in 2016MiscellaneousIan CivilInjury 20164/08/2016
Mangled extremitiesExtremityPeggy KnudsonInjury 20164/08/2016
Completing the Jigsaw: Forensic Imaging ForensicLindsay Batty-Smith and Denise ElliotInjury 20164/08/2016
Mass casualty incidents:Planning for the conventional and non-conventionalMass casualtyMichael SteinInjury 20156/08/2015
Mass casualty and disaster planning in NZMass casualtyCharlie BlanchInjury 20156/08/2015
The Auckland City Hospital Mass Casualty Incident planMass casualtyMark GardnerInjury 20156/08/2015
Emergent needle decompression of the chest:
Pitfalls and new approaches
ChestKenji InabaInjury 20156/08/2015
TEG: Is there a role in emergent trauma management?ResuscitationKerry GunnInjury 20156/08/2015
DECRA: What it its role in 2015?Brain InjuryPeter HeppnerInjury 20156/08/2015
Pre-peritoneal pelvic packing
PelvisKenji InabaInjury 20156/08/2015
Intensive Care for trauma - Less is more in the 21st CenturyICUDaniel NistorInjury 20156/08/2015
Management of major trauma in the elderlyGeriatricsMichael SteinInjury 20156/08/2015
Challenges in management of the elderly in an Australasian Trauma CentreGeriatricsKate KingInjury 20156/08/2015
The ABCs of deliriumICUJanet BallantyneInjury 20156/08/2015
Tasers and non-lethal weapon injuriesMechanismKenji InabaInjury 20156/08/2015
Penetrating Chest Trauma: Simple Solutions for complex problemsChestTim HardcastleInjury 201431/07/2014
Conservative management of flail chestChestCino BendinelliInjury 201431/07/2014
Blunt thoracic aortic injury: The Auckland experienceChestIan CivilInjury 201431/07/2014
Sternal fractures: Is there a role for platingChestIndran RamanathanInjury 201431/07/2014
Management of patients with mild-moderate brain injuryBrain InjuryTerence O'KeeffeInjury 201431/07/2014
The role of a neurotrauma protocol in the retrieval of patients with TBIBrain InjuryMark ElcockInjury 201431/07/2014
Advanced imaging in traumatic brain injuryBrain InjuryCino BendinelliInjury 201431/07/2014
Beta blockers in traumatic brain injury: In or out? Brain InjuryTerence O'KeeffeInjury 201431/07/2014
Morbid obesity: Challenges in the management of trauma patients ObesityKate KingInjury 201431/07/2014
Ventilation of severe lung contusion: More than just ARDSnet?ChestTim HardcastleInjury 201431/07/2014
YourCall - A study on brief intervention for alcohol abuseAlcoholSarah SharpInjury 201431/07/2014
POLAR: Does therapeutic hypothermia have a role in the management of patients with TBIBrain InjuryTony SmithInjury 201431/07/2014
THE GREAT DEBATE:Haemostatic resuscitation is the gold standard in acute trauma care.ForDebateMark FriedericksenInjury 201431/07/2014
THE GREAT DEBATE:Haemostatic resuscitation is the gold standard in acute trauma care.AgainstDebateKerry GunnInjury 201431/07/2014
CRASH-2 and TXA: Where are we at in 2014ResuscitationCino BendinelliInjury 201431/07/2014
Massive Transfusion Protocols in traumaResuscitationTerence O'KeeffeInjury 201431/07/2014
TEG in traumaResuscitationKerry GunnInjury 201431/07/2014
Optimal airway management for the co morbid and difficult trauma patientAirwayTim HardcastleInjury 201401/08/2014
Video-laryngoscopy as an adjunct in the management of the acute airwayAirwayTerence O'KeeffeInjury 201401/08/2014
Guidelines in trauma radiology: Help or hindranceRadiologyLucy ModahlInjury 201401/08/2014
Evidence based practice in the management of acute diverticulitisSurgeryArend MerrieInjury 201401/08/2014
Cholecystectomy vs cholecystostomy tube in the management of acute cholecystitisSurgeryRishi RamInjury 201401/08/2014
Acute surgical units in the United KingdomSurgeryPeter SwanInjury 201401/08/2014
Reducing readmission rates in the Acute Surgical Unit: What did the study showSurgerySacha CowellInjury 201401/08/2014
Contemporary prehospital care and the function of an effective ambulance servicePrehospitalPeter BradleyInjury 201401/08/2014
TEG in traumaResuscitationKerry GunnInjury 201431/07/2014
Optimal airway management for the co morbid and difficult trauma patientAirwayTim HardcastleInjury 201401/08/2014
Video-laryngoscopy as an adjunct in the management of the acute airwayAirwayTerence O'KeeffeInjury 201401/08/2014
Guidelines in trauma radiology: Help or hindranceRadiologyLucy ModahlInjury 201401/08/2014
The role of endovascular stenting in extremity traumaEndovascularCarl MuthuInjury 201302/08/2013
Management of penetrating injuries to the retroperitoneum and cavaPenetratingLenworth JacobsInjury 201302/08/2013
Immune enhancing immunonutrition for the critically ill patientNutritionKerry McIlroyInjury 201302/08/2013
Acute cholecystitis in pregnancy: Current managementCholecystitisKate MartinInjury 201302/08/2013
Reducing readmission rates in acute surgery: What are the barriers?ReadmissionSasha CowellInjury 201302/08/2013
Management of severe burns for the acute surgeonBurnsRichard Wong SheInjury 201302/08/2013
Chest tube drainage: What is the best size and position?DrainKerry Benson-CooperInjury 201302/08/2013
Needle decompression for TPTX: How and whyPneumothoraxTony SmithInjury 201302/08/2013
Rib fracture stabilisationRib FractureKate MartinInjury 201302/08/2013
Australasian venous thrombo-embolism prevention guidelinesDVTClaire McClintockInjury 201302/08/2013
DVT and thromboembolism in trauma: Too much or not enoughVenousKate MartinInjury 201302/08/2013
Intervention for pelvic ring trauma: Current managementPelvic fracturesStuart McCowanInjury 201301/08/2013
Priorities in management for unstable patients with pelvic fracturesPelvic fracturesLenworth JacobsInjury 201301/08/2013
Slings, belts, corsets for emergency pelvic stabilisation: What works and what doesn'tPelvic fracturesAmanda HolgateInjury 201301/08/2013
PIPS database: Taking quality to the next levelDatabaseTracy TauluInjury 201301/08/2013
Trauma practice guidelines: Knowing them and using them are two different thingsGuidelinesKate MartinInjury 201301/08/2013
Handover between prehospital and hospital: What is best practiceHandoverChris DennyInjury 201301/08/2013
Trauma history surveys: Past, present and futureCareTracey TauluInjury 201301/08/2013
Telehealth in NZ; The Canterbury DHB experienceTelemedicineAmanda HolgateInjury 201301/08/2013
Trauma services in rural Queensland: Solving the tyranny of distanceTelemedicineMark ElcockInjury 201301/08/2013
The Major Trauma National Clinical Network: NZ's trauma systemSystemsIan CivilInjury 201301/08/2013
Integrating retrieval and trauma systems using telehealth: A new standard of careTelemedicineMark ElcockInjury 201301/08/2013
Skill maintenance in surgery: Is learning on the job still viable?SkillsKate MartinInjury 201301/08/2013
The role of simulation in improving clinical practice in Australia and NZSimulationAlan MerryInjury 201301/08/2013
Educating surgeons in a changing timeSimulationLenworth JacobsInjury 201301/08/2013
Quality trauma are: Do we know it when we see it?CareIan CivilInjury 201202/08/2012
Tackling trauma mortality in the Top EndCareDavid ReadInjury 201202/08/2012
Trauma case management: Does it improve the quality of patient care?CaseBronte DouglasInjury 201202/08/2012
The Emerald City of Blood Component Resuscitation: Follow the Yellow Brick RoadResuscitationTim FabianInjury 201202/08/2012
Surgical disaster responseSystemDavid ReadInjury 201202/08/2012
Mobile medical support: Disaster preparedness "to go"DisasterBronte DouglasInjury 201202/08/2012
Disaster Planning at Auckland City HospitalDisasterMark GardenerInjury 201202/08/2012
THE GREAT DEBATE:Major trauma is best managed at a trauma centre. ForDebatePeter FreemanInjury 201202/08/2012
THE GREAT DEBATE:Major trauma is best managed at a trauma centre. AgainstDebateMark FriedericksenInjury 201202/08/2012
Trauma in the elderlyElderlyTim FabianInjury 201202/08/2012
The tyranny of distance and its effect on the care of the trauma patientDistanceDavid ReadInjury 201202/08/2012
Management of entero-atmospheric fistula: An abdominal catastropheFistulaBryan ParryInjury 201203/08/2012
Improving the Acute Surgical Patient flow at ACHSystemLisa MiddelbergInjury 201203/08/2012
How much radiation is too much?RadiationHelen MooreInjury 201203/08/2012
How I prepare a burns patient for transferBurnsDavid ReadInjury 201203/08/2012
Quad Bike Injuries in the Waikato RegionMechanismGrant ChristeyInjury 201203/08/2012
Recreational InjuriesMechanismMark FriedericksenInjury 201203/08/2012
St John’s Response – The Christchurch EarthquakeSystemTony SmithInjury 201105/08/2011
Management of Necrotising Soft Tissue Infections:The Role of ImagingInfectionHelen MooreInjury 201105/08/2011
Outcome Measurements in Acute SurgerySystemAntonio FoliakiInjury 201105/08/2011
RDH Trauma Service – an innovative approach to trauma care in the NTCareBronte DouglasInjury 201104/08/2011
Global variations in trauma outcomesSystemMichael ParrInjury 201104/08/2011
Blunt cerebrovascular injuries: What to image, how to image & its relevanceRadiologyStuart LyonInjury 201104/08/2011
Do plain films still have a role in the evaluation of potential C-spine injuriesRadiologyKate O'ConnorInjury 201104/08/2011
The role of CT in penetrating truncal traumaRadiologyBrigid ConnorInjury 201104/08/2011
IVC Filters & the trauma patientIVC FiltersStuart LyonInjury 201104/08/2011
CATS are MICE: The role of tourniquets in early trauma resuscitationTourniquetMark DeokiInjury 201104/08/2011
Less is More: Fluid Resuscitation Strategies in the EDFluidsPeter FreemanInjury 201104/08/2011
What’s good & bad in resuscitation; CRASH vs CONTROLResuscitationMichael ParrInjury 201104/08/2011
Six Hour RulesTrauma SystemsPeter JonesJune Forum 201102/06/2011
Emergency Room Thoracotomy and LaporotomyThoracotomyTrent CrossJune Forum 201102/06/2011
Prehospital Clinical ProceduresPrehospitalSteve HendersonFebruary Forum 201102/03/2011
Gunshot WoundsGunshotMarcelo DevaudOctober Forum 201007/10/2010
Radiation exposure of intensive care trauma patientsRadiationRoss FreebairnInjury 201005/08/2010
Injury Prevention should or should not be part of a trauma servicePreventionColin A GrahamInjury 201005/08/2010
DVT Prophylaxis in the critically ill and traumaDVTPeter T ClarkInjury 201005/08/2010
The "Pan Scan" the real truth- you have been warnedDebateTim ParkeInjury 201005/08/2010
The "Pan Scan" should be standard of care for all major trauma patientsDebateMike HunterInjury 201005/08/2010
Improving the diagnosis and management of paediatric mild TBI Brain InjuryBridget KoolInjury 201005/08/2010
Outline Alchohol Screening and Brief InterventionAlcoholMichael RotondoInjury 201005/08/2010
PARTY -Does it workAlcoholMaxine BurrellInjury 201005/08/2010
Intra-osseus drills- the ups and downs of a new deviceIntraosseus DrillsTony SmithInjury 201005/08/2010
Critical Bleeding and TraumaHaemorrhagePeter T ClarkInjury 201005/08/2010
Intravenous fluids - Is less better or not in traumaIV FluidsColin A GrahamInjury 201005/08/2010
Mitigating errors in Trauma ReceptionErrorsTim ParkeInjury 201005/08/2010
Training for Trauma Team members-What works bestTrainingMike HunterInjury 201005/08/2010
Trauma Triage: How does it work and have we got the system rightTriageMary LangcakeInjury 201005/08/2010
The Trauma Team: who should be in it TeamMichael RotondoInjury 201005/08/2010
Interventional Radiology in Arterial TraumaRadiologyAndrew HoldenJuly Forum 200909/07/2009
Don't Lose Your Head- Atlanto-occipital Dislocation SpineAngus DonJune Forum 200904/06/2009
Head Injury in the ElderlyElderlySimon JohnOctober Forum 200809/10/2008
The German Trauma SystemSystemsFrank WurmitzerSeptember Forum 200804/09/2008
Laryngeal TraumaLarynxDavid VokesInjury 200801/08/2008
Ketamine in the prehospital settingKetamineRoger BlumeInjury 200801/08/2008
The intraosseus needleIntraosseusTony SmithInjury 200801/08/2008
Is There a Role for the Doctor in Prehospital CarePrehospitalRobin MitchellInjury 200801/08/2008
Massive Transfusion in ResuscitationMassive TransfusionKen BoffardInjury 200801/08/2008
Evolution of Trauma Resuscitation: What’s new?ResuscitationRussell GruenInjury 200801/08/2008
Adventure sports injuriesAdventure SportsGrant ChristeyInjury 200831/07/2008
Guidelines for Management of the Pregnant Trauma PatientPregnancyJulie MillerInjury 200831/07/2008
NZ Trauma RegistryRegistryJames HamillInjury 200831/07/2008
Functional Outcome After Injury: Can it be predicted?Functional OutcomePhilip SchluterInjury 200831/07/2008
The Use Of Evidence In Trauma Care: EvidenceRussell GruenInjury 200831/07/2008
Overview of Chest TraumaChest TraumaKen BoffardInjury 200831/07/2008
The Management of Penetrating Cardiac InjuryCardiacNicholas KangInjury 200831/07/2008
Evaluation of the Diaphragm after Penetrating Thoraco-Abdominal InjuryDiaphragmJulie MillerInjury 200831/07/2008
The Debate: Orthopaedics Should Be Part of the Trauma Team Response OrthopaedicsBruce TwaddleInjury 200831/07/2008
The Debate: Orthopaedics Should Be Part of the Trauma Team Response OrthopaedicsTim ParkeInjury 200831/07/2008
The area trauma coordinator and the future of the roleCoordinatorSharon JohnsonInjury 200831/07/2008
Minimising Errors in Trauma CareErrorsRussell GruenInjury 200831/07/2008
Research to ActionResearchShanthi AmeratungaInjury 200831/07/2008
Guidelines for the prevention of sepsis in asplenic patientsSplenic InjurySally RobertsJuly Forum 200803/07/2008
Ten Years of Grief- Traumatic Brain Injury in the DCCMHead InjuryLes GallerDecember Forum 200706/12/2007
“To Tell or Not to Tell”
Informed Consent
ConsentDanny ChuangSeptember Forum 200706/09/2007
ED based physiotherapists – does it work?PhysiotherapySimon KerrInjury 200703/08/2007
Cervical Spine imaging – what is best practice?SpinePeter CameronInjury 200703/08/2007
FAST scan in trauma – what are the boundaries?FASTPeter JonesInjury 200703/08/2007
Injury prevention in New ZealandPreventionShanthi AmeratungaInjury 200703/08/2007
Trauma prevention in South Africa: the ultimate challenge.PreventionElmin SteynInjury 200703/08/2007
Urological complication of pelvic fractures – best practiceUrologyJonathan MastersInjury 200702/08/2007
Management of the complex pelvic fracture.PelvisZsolt BaloghInjury 200702/08/2007
A national trauma registry for New Zealand.Trauma RegistryTeri MayInjury 200702/08/2007
Trauma systems in practice; what works & what doesn'tTrauma SystemsErica CaldwellInjury 200702/08/2007
Measuring improvements in the trauma system.Trauma SystemsPeter CameronInjury 200702/08/2007
Serious head injury rehabilitation – Is there any hope?Head InjuryTony YoungInjury 200702/08/2007
Major Head Injuries – can we identify patients with bad outcomes? Head InjuryPeter CameronInjury 200702/08/2007
History of head injury treatmentHead InjuryEdward MeeInjury 200702/08/2007
"The role of the Intensivist in trauma resuscitation is to take the patient away at the end"-AffirmativeDebateTony SmithInjury 200702/08/2007
"The role of the Intensivist in trauma resuscitation is to take the patient away at the end"- Negative"DebateTim ParkeInjury 200702/08/2007
Post injury multiple organ failure: History, current trends & future directions.Multiple Organ FailureZsolt BaloghInjury 200702/08/2007
Strategies to optimize the outcomes of polytrauma patients.PolytraumaElmin SteynInjury 200702/08/2007
"To tell or not to tell"consentDanny ChuangSeptember Forum 200706/07/2007
Should paramedics be intubating patients pre-hospitalintubateTony SmithJune Forum 200707/06/2007
Safekids Worldwide - A Vaccine for unintentional injurypreventionMartin EichelbergerMay Forum 200717/05/2007
Is Exploration Mandatory in
Zone II Penetrating Neck Injuries?
NeckPhil InsullNovember Forum 200602/11/2006
Current status of ELSG for traumatic aortic ruptureAortaParma NandInjury 200603/08/2006
Debate: 24/7 consultant led trauma teams produce the best outcomes-For DebateTim ParkeInjury 200603/08/2006
Debate: 24/7 consultant led trauma teams produce the best outcomes-AgainstDebateTony SmithInjury 200603/08/2006
Chest traumaChestJohn KortbeekInjury 200603/08/2006
Management of the difficult airway – pre & in hospitalAirwayBlair MunfordInjury 200603/08/2006
Uses and misuses of chest drains in traumaChest DrainGrant ChristeyInjury 200603/08/2006
Paediatric Trauma -Penetrating InjuriesPaedDanny CassInjury 200603/08/2006
Injury PreventionPreventionAnne Weaver/Julie Chambers (Safekids)Injury 200603/08/2006
Pedestrian Injuries on Roads & DrivewaysPedestrianClinton NewburyInjury 200603/08/2006
Pedestrian Injuries on Roads & DrivewaysPedestrianKai HsiaoInjury 200603/08/2006
Gunshot InjuriesGunshotJames HamillInjury 200603/08/2006
Best practice trauma care in AustraliaCareDanny CassInjury 200603/08/2006
The ideal trauma systemSystemJohn KortbeekInjury 200603/08/2006
Transfusion Related Acute Lung InjuryBlood TransfusionRichard CharleswoodJune Forum 200601/06/2006
Trial of Emergency Call Triage in TokyoTriageNaoto MorimuraMay Forum 200611/05/2006
Major Injury and Death in the Auckland RegionMajor TraumaGowan CreamerApril Forum 200604/05/2006
What to do at the scene of an road crashSceneTony SmithDecember Forum 200501/12/2005
Counselling - Who Needs It?!!  SocialCindy PennyInjury 200505/08/2005
An Interdisciplinary Model for Early Rehabilitation in Trauma  ModelGemma WavishInjury 200505/08/2005
Helicopter response for head injuries  HelicoptersBlair MunfordInjury 200505/08/2005
What does a trauma coordinator do?  SystemAlicia JacksonInjury 200505/08/2005
Ladders- Weapons of mass destruction  MechanismAndrew PearceInjury 200505/08/2005
The nursing response to trauma resuscitation should parallel the medical responseNursingAndrew YoungInjury 200505/08/2005
The nursing response to trauma resuscitation should parallel the medical responseNursingSid Cuthbertson   Injury 200505/08/2005
Is trauma really a surgical disease  DiseaseTony JosephInjury 200505/08/2005
Trauma Education: a Multidisciplinary Interface TrainingChris ClarkeInjury 200505/08/2005
Hong Kong Trauma System SystemJanice YeungInjury 200505/08/2005
Strengths and weaknesses of a State-wide trauma system SystemTrish McDougallInjury 200504/08/2005
The surgeon has no role in trauma resuscitation in the EDSurgeonTony SmithInjury 200504/08/2005
Effective training for critical emergencies TrainingBob HendersonInjury 200504/08/2005
Simulation in medical educationSimulationAndrea DelpradoInjury 200504/08/2005
Trauma resuscitation and computerised prompts ComputerMark FitzgeraldInjury 200504/08/2005
Pelvic Fractures in Children  PelvisBhavesh PatelInjury 200504/08/2005
The hospital SCOPE trial  MiscellaneousMathias TraubInjury 200504/08/2005
Childhood Motorcycle InjuriesMechanismMike KingInjury 200504/08/2005
Innovations in trauma careInnovationsGrant ChristeyInjury 200504/08/2005
Virtual traumaSimulationPhil BlythInjury 200504/08/2005
MedicoPolitical IssuesPoliticsDavid GallerFebruary Forum03/02/2005
Management of Complex Abdominal Trauma WoundsAbdomenGrant ChristeyNovember Forum04/11/2004
Trauma in the Elderly GeriatricsCaesar Ursic Injury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Mechanism of Injury - The Debate (For)MechanismTony SmithInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Mechanism of Injury - The Debate (Against)MechanismDave AustinInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Trauma Case ManagementSystemKate CurtisInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
How to Stop your Air Medical Hospital Becoming a Trauma StatisticHelicoptersBlair MunfordInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Safe Kids- Who, why and what?PaediatricAnne WeaverInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Injury Prevention, Panacea or CrockPreventionJulie ChambersInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Intimate Partner ViolenceSocialPam BattyInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Driveway InjuriesMechanismPhil MorreauInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Paediatric Neuro TraumaNeuroChristine ClementsInjury 2004 Day 105/08/2004
Spine TraumaSpineKate CurtisInjury 2004 Day 206/08/2004
Hypothermia in Injury CareHypothermiaCaesar UrsicInjury 2004 Day 206/08/2004
Pain Management in Patients with Chest InjuriesPainKieran DavisInjury 2004 Day 206/08/2004
Indications for transfer to a Neurosurgical UnitNeuroAndrew LawInjury 2004 Day 206/08/2004
An Overview of Trauma Care in Provincial New ZealandSystemMark SandersInjury 2004 Day 206/08/2004
Trauma is no AccidentMiscellaneousPhil BlythInjury 2004 Day 206/08/2004
Role of Angiography in the Orthopaedic PatientRadiologyIan CivilApril Forum 200408/04/2004
Free Fluid after CT - what next?RadiologyAlex NgApril Forum 200408/04/2004
Endoluminal Repair of Traumatic Ruptured Thoracic Aorta RadiologyAndrew HillMarch Forum 200404/03/2004
Mountain biking in Woodhill ForestSportChris FougereFebruary Forum 200405/02/2004
Equestrian InjuriesSportGrant ChristeySeptember Surgical Round 200311/09/2003
NZ Civil Defence Response to DisasterSystemFred WilsonInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
NZ Fire Service Response to DisasterSystemLarry CockerInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
Solid Organ Injuries - The Alfred ExperienceAbdomenLouise NiggemeyerInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
Conservative Management of Solid Organ InjuryAbdomenJames HamillInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
Operative Management of  Solid Organ InjuryAbdomenJonathan KoeaInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
The Pain of Clearing the Cervical SpineSpineThomas KossmanInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
Clearing of Thoracolumbar SpineSpineStewart BlaggInjury 2003 Day 107/08/2003
New trends in trauma careInnovationsLouise NiggemeyerInjury 2003 Day 208/08/2003
Assessment of trauma patient using Mechanism of InjuryMechanismRhondda PaiceInjury 2003 Day 208/08/2003
DCCM Bereavement Follow Up of Trauma PatientsSocialSid CuthbertsonInjury 2003 Day 208/08/2003
Co-morbidities in TraumaDiseaseC.P.Tan, Surgical LecturerJuly Forum 200303/07/2003
Pelvic #'s and Lower Urinary Tract InjuriesPelvisKevin LuongJune Forum 200305/06/2003
Major Chest TraumaChestGrant ChristeyApril Forum 200303/04/2003
Penetrating Neck TraumaNeckIan CivilMarch Forum 200306/03/2003
All you wanted to know about Lap Belt Injuries
and were afraid to ask
AbdomenGrant Christey
Bill Harcourt
January Forum 200330/01/2003
Use and utility
of the Major Trauma Form
SystemSandyha DeoDecember Forum 200205/12/2002
Hypothermia in Severe Trauma: Friend or FoeHypothermiaAlex NgInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Prehospital Airway Management in VictoriaAirwayIan ClarkInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Prehospital Advanced Airway Management: Does it work?SystemTony SmithInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Trauma in the Elderly: Should We Care?GeriatricsBill SchwabInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Crash Prevention Strategies: Can the Trauma Services stand down?PreventionTony BlissInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Do Helicopters save lives? What is the evidenceHelicoptersBlair MunfordInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Should FAST be FASTER?RadiologyAlex NgInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Optimal Wound Care for Difficult Wounds: Do VACS suck?WoundsRhondda PaiceInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
DVT Prophylaxis in Trauma Patients: who, when and howDVTPaul OcklefordInjury 2002 Day 108/08/2002
Trauma Case ManagementSystemRhondda PaiceInjury 2002 Day 209/08/2002
Advocating the Rest PeriodNeuroSarah MacDonald and Michelle KnoxInjury 2002 Day 209/08/2002
Supporting the FamilySocialDonna WilsonInjury 2002 Day 209/08/2002
Return to Work after InjurySystemBernadette RyanInjury 2002 Day 209/08/2002
ED Ultrasound for Trauma
and AAA at Auckland Hospital
- the story so far...
RadiologyPeter JonesFebruary Forum 200207/02/2002
Cultural Response to Trauma Care-a model of Social Work practice SocialRose Harrop and Carol BlairApril Forum 200105/04/2001
Treatment of the patient with massive liver Injury AbdomenIan CivilMarch Forum 200101/03/2001